Florida Factory Agents - Hospitality,Restaurant Furnishing,Retail Store Fixtures
 Solid Wood Table Tops ,Booths 
 MKLD Furniture: Booths and Wood Chairs ,Metal Chairs and  Barstools.

** NEW MKLD ** Hospitality furnishing ** USA Made Booths ** Wooden Table Tops and more

                        *** UNITED STORE FIXTURES *** 
** Supermarket Gondola, Shelving, Slatwall, Display showcases
                                *Standard USF  gondola color, plus
                         * Black Gondola in stock ready for shipping.
               * Shopping Carts,Rx counters,RX gondola shelving in stock 

**Note: Order USF by Container and get Free Freight to Port. Call for detail..:) 

Stanley T Hernandez, CFSP.
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